Recycled Wood

Since 2010 I’ve maintained a woodworking studio where I transform lumber discarded from renovation sites I’ve worked on – most of it milled more than 100 years ago – into beautifully finished tables, benches, and shelving.

Each piece of wood is unique; aged and showing the marks of its original intent – holes where pipes ran through, the marks of hand-forged nails, or the imprint and wear of a thousand footsteps – and when creating a piece, I work to reflect that original purpose and history in the final design. The result is a range of tables, benches and other pieces that are a blend of antiquity and contemporary design.

All are hand finished to a satiny touch and stamped with a provenance including the address of the building were the wood originated, the date on which it was constructed, and the date when I created the finished piece. Some works are commissioned by clients who want to preserve a part of the home they’ve had renovated and others are made on spec.

Please see my portfolio for pieces currently for sale or for ideas on what you might like to have made. Depending on the wood available, designs can be modified to fit your home.


Concrete is a remarkably versatile product. It can poured into moulds, stamped, dyed and stained, made to look like marble, embedded with objects, or polished to a shiny smooth finish. It is also tough and easy to maintain. My custom concrete work has included countertops, bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtubs, shower pans, and kitchen counter/sink/drainboard combinations.

See my portfolio for examples of past projects.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood includes plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) usually used for beams, headers, and other structural elements in a building. Modular shelving, seating and tables made from these materials gain a modern, industrial look and feel enhanced by the grain and textural patterns of the wood. Because of its strength, engineered woods are perfect for multipurpose furniture. Check my portfolio for examples including book nooks that double as seating.