Renovations can be surprising; there’s always something hidden in those walls that wasn’t anticipated by the designer or the builder/contractor. This is especially true of older buildings, but even newer homes can have some unexpected secrets.

When the inevitable happens, most renovators make do by compromising their client’s wish list and budget. On the other hand, designers without building experience often don’t anticipate potential complications or include solutions in their plans.

Neither of those are a problem if you hire me.

As a designer, an experienced renovator, and a seasoned contractor, I know what works and what may cause problems. I understand buildings; I can advise you on how to get the end result you seek, and, when surprises are uncovered, I have the practical skills to deal with them efficiently, cost effectively, and in a way that keeps the elements of your design intact.

I am happy to take on contracts ranging from the small to the massive (and everything between). My experience includes large-scale transformations involving significant structural changes, beautifully  fitted and cleverly designed cabinetry for small and large spaces, contemporary design and layout, renovations to match classic or heritage interiors, landscaping features (gazebos, fencing, pergolas, work and tool sheds) and small, efficient, and beautifully designed apartments.

Contact me for ideas, advice, and budgets.