When you’re shopping for a new home or a location for your business, you’ve got a lot on your mind, a thousand variables to consider, or sometimes emotional responses to a space that make it difficult to step back and analyse the options. If you’re not in the business of design and renovation, how can you make informed choices when trying to select the property to best fit your budget, your present and your future needs?

I can do that. I can see beyond the current state of a property and show you its potential. Perhaps rearranging the walls of one house is less expensive than buying another and would offer you exactly what you want rather than a compromise. Maybe all a house needs to fulfill your dreams is a well-positioned window, skylight, or bank of custom-fitted closets.

For a small fee ­– waived if you hire me to design or renovate later – I offer consultation services to help you find the perfect home or business location. Part building inspection, part design and renovation consult, I offer on-the-spot services:

  • A knowledgeable opinion on whether or not the property is a good investment for your needs
  • Immediate rough estimates of design and renovation costs to bring the property up to your full wish list
  • Pros and cons, with associated costs, for each on your list of property choices

If you’re looking to purchase or lease and need help unravelling the options, contact me for a consultation.